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Why ‘Love the Sinner; Hate the Sin’ is Opposite to Jesus’ Teaching

Have you heard believers say they ‘Love the sinner but hate the sin’? At least you likely have heard of them. In fact, they don’t love the ‘sinner’ at all—at least not the way Jesus loves people. As we read … Continue reading

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Who Does God Refuse to Forgive?

When I was a child I witnessed a perplexing sight. The pastor had preached his sermon (on sin, no doubt) and gave the altar call. For those who don’t know, an altar call is given at the end of sermons … Continue reading

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Are ‘Sins’ Primarily Sins against God or against Other People?

Some believers think all sins are primarily sins against God. Stephen Witmer makes that very statement: All sin is primarily sin against God. Where sin is understood as merely a moral concept rather than mainly a religious one, where it … Continue reading

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The Misguided Concept of ‘Loving the Sinner and Hating the Sin’

Legalistic believers often feel it is their duty to confront sinners with their ‘sins’. This sometimes includes telling sinners how bad they are and urging them to accept Jesus. And they don’t stop there; they also confront fellow believers with … Continue reading

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What Does Jesus Say about Sin? Not Much!

As followers of Jesus, it doesn’t matter much what the Old Testament writers thought about sin and forgiveness. We take our cue from Jesus who has the clearest insight into the Father. And it is his words and actions in … Continue reading

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What Do We Learn from ‘Jesus Begins His Work’?

For the past few weeks we looked at the beginnings of Jesus’ work of teaching and healing in Galilee. This period closes just before Jesus chooses twelve apostles to help expand his work even further. While we witnessed many healings, … Continue reading

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Jesus Calls a Fifth Follower—and What a Loser!

Sometimes I look at myself and all my faults and failures, and I don’t see how I was ever qualified to participate in expanding God’s will and his kingdom on earth; it’s just too much for me. Perhaps you feel … Continue reading

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