Resources on Christian Patriarchy, Abuse, and Extreme Fundamentalism

My fundamentalism of the 1950s and 1960s was bad enough, but today’s fundamentalism has become much worse, more extreme, and more harmful. Issues include patriarchy, child rearing abuse, purity and shame culture, isolated homeschooling, sexual abuse, and others. This complex mixture of interacting beliefs impact millions of believers with severe pain and baggage. In addition, many evangelicals are returning to fundamentalism.

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From Jesus without Baggage

Abusive Child Rearing Practices

From Others

Patriarchy and Complementarianism
Abusive Child Rearing Practices
Modesty, Purity, and Shame
Sexual Abuse

By Boz Tchividjian

By Natalie Greenfield

By Other Writers

Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Abuse
Fundamentalist Homeschooling Movement
Quiverful Movement
Evangelical Return to Fundamentalism
Reconstruction, Dominion, and Theonomy

Jesus without Baggage exists to assist and support those questioning beliefs they have been taught in fundamentalist, traditional evangelical, and other groups. If you know someone who might find Jesus without Baggage helpful, feel free to send them the introductory page: About Jesus without Baggage.


Pages in this series:
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Resources on Inerrancy and Reading the Bible
Resources on Hell and Conditional Immortality
Resources on Legalism, Sin, and Salvation
Resources on Gays and the Church
Resources on Christian Patriarchy, Abuse, and Extreme Fundamentalism
Resources on Young Earth Creationism and Evolution


15 Responses to Resources on Christian Patriarchy, Abuse, and Extreme Fundamentalism

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  15. Wayne McDonald says:

    Great collection, many thanks


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