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Thank You to My Jesus Without Baggage Readers for Making 2017 the Best Year Ever

Jesus without Baggage readers, I want to thank you! You made 2017 by far the most successful year ever for Jesus without Baggage (in its fifth year). In 2017 the blog had considerably more followers, views, and comments than ever … Continue reading

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Patriarchy, Bill Gothard, and the Umbrella of Protection

In my fundamentalism of the 1960s, it was widely believed that the husband was the head of the house and that women were not allowed to preach. Many even objected to their wives working outside the home. The ideal wife … Continue reading

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Dealing with the Fear of Doubt and of Questioning Religious Beliefs We have been Taught

Growing up a fundamentalist, and then 25 years as an evangelical, I witnessed a lot of fear and experienced significant fear myself. These very conservative environments are filled with fear and, to a large extent, are based on fear—fear of … Continue reading

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How So Many Believers Completely Misunderstand God’s Love in John 3:16

I suppose most believers think John 3:16 is one of the most wonderful passages in the Bible—and I agree! This passage tells of God’s love for us in a very proactive way. This is why “John 3:16” is found everywhere: … Continue reading

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How Important are ‘Correct Beliefs’ to God?

Many believers think people who claim to be Christian but stray too far from ‘correct beliefs’ are not Christian at all. And the corollary is that they are going to hell—just for not getting their beliefs right! I used to … Continue reading

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The Story of Sin and Salvation—Common Baggage Version (CBV)

From the time I started church as a second grader, I began to hear the story of sin and salvation. I heard it from the pulpit; I heard it from Sunday school; I heard it in adult discussions; and I … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Finding a Good Church Fit for You

Let me begin by saying that I cannot tell you for sure how to find a good church for you, but I feel I should address it the best I can since I get this question often. Frequently the question … Continue reading

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