This is the Anniversary of My Most Viral Blog Post Ever!

This time last year one of my posts, 6 Religious Beliefs that Cause Tremendous Harm, soared to become my most popular post of all time in only 13 days! It still stands as my  most viral post ever.

It begins:

In my opinion, six mistaken beliefs among Christians cause incalculable pain, suffering, and lasting damage.

I know that followers of Jesus disagree on a host of issues, but I don’t think all issues are equally important. I talk about these six beliefs so energetically, not because I simply disagree with them, but because they are so extremely harmful. They are harmful to Christians who believe them, to those who are hurt by Christians who believe them, and to the church.

This post was the lead-in to a series that, itself, was very popular. In addition to the content, a lot of people seemed to like the graphic.

If you have not read the post, take a look! If you remember seeing it last year perhaps it is good for a second look. If you really like the post consider sharing it with others.

You can read the post at 6 Religious Beliefs that Cause Tremendous Harm.

Six religious baggage issues

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5 Responses to This is the Anniversary of My Most Viral Blog Post Ever!

  1. sheila0405 says:

    This is one of my favorites, too.


  2. tonycutty says:

    Me, too. It’s revolutionary, and in addition many believers are reaching the same conclusions independently. I believe this is a lot of what God’s saying to the Church in these days….


  3. Rick Beckman says:

    When six varyingly important portions of the Bible (critically important, like the creation, upon which the whole Messiah story depends, for ex.) are harmful to the people who believe in the Bible, it might be time to just set the book aside and embrace beautiful secularity, without any religious baggage whatsoever.


    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      Rick, these beliefs are harmful, but the fact is they do not properly represent the Bible; the development of these beliefs actually obscures the good news of Jesus. I think it would be a great loss to abandon the message of Jesus just because misguided beliefs have attached themselves to that message.


    • Chas says:

      Rick, For myself, I have set it aside; it has contradictions throughout it, so why should we trust any of it. I now refer to it only when seeking to help others to understand God.


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