Resources on Young Earth Creationism and Evolution

Misunderstanding the Genesis creation stories as literal, historical accounts produces a number of significant difficulties, among which is that many believers feel they must defend the Bible against increasingly solid evidence for evolution.

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From Jesus without Baggage

From Natural Historian

From Pete Enns

From Age of Rocks

From BioLogos

From Other Writers

Jesus without Baggage exists to assist and support those questioning beliefs they have been taught in fundamentalist, traditional evangelical, and other groups. If you know someone who might find Jesus without Baggage helpful, feel free to send them the introductory page: About Jesus without Baggage.


Pages in this series:
Resources on Angry, Violent, Vindictive God
Resources on Inerrancy and Reading the Bible
Resources on Hell and Conditional Immortality
Resources on Legalism, Sin, and Salvation
Resources on Gays and the Church
Resources on Christian Patriarchy, Abuse, and Extreme Fundamentalism
Resources on Young Earth Creationism and Evolution


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