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Dealing with the Confusion, Grief, and Existential Chaos of Leaving Fundamentalism or Conservative Evangelicalism

If you are questioning beliefs you were taught in fundamentalism or evangelicalism, your journey might be going smoothly or it might involve a lot of fear and uncertainty. It is not easy challenging beliefs we once deeply held. Over a … Continue reading

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If God Doesn’t Speak through the Bible then How Does God Speak?

Recently, I published an article titled The Bible Clearly Says’ is Always a Seriously Misguided Statement in which I contended that the Bible does not speak in one voice (the voice of God) but in the many voices of the … Continue reading

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The Many Women Leaders in Paul’s Circles Don’t Seem to Represent Christian Patriarchy

Those who embrace Christian patriarchy and restrictions on women in church often refer to 1 Corinthians 14 for support: Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law … Continue reading

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Examining Passages from Genesis Used to Support Patriarchy in the Church

Last time, we discussed biblical passages from the New Testament epistles used to support Christian patriarchy; today we will look at passages from the first chapters of Genesis. I chose these passages because they are specifically referenced in the 1988 … Continue reading

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The Alleged Biblical Basis for Christian Patriarchy

Untold numbers of Christians believe women are not equal to men and are subject to male leadership. This very harmful belief leads to terrible consequences such as the oppression and denigration of women and to an environment of physical, emotional, … Continue reading

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Does Paul Tell Us to Bring Our Tithes to Church on Sundays? He Does Not

In the churches I attended for the first 30 years of my life, I was taught that tithing to the church was mandatory—a claim I recently refuted in 5 Reasons Why the Harmful Doctrine of Mandatory Tithing is Wrong. Often … Continue reading

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The Bible is not Open to Narcigesis: Thinking the Bible is Written to You

The Bible is a massive collection of writings, and we must investigate and interpret each passage to understand what it says. There are two primary ways of doing this. Exegesis All genuine scholars know that study of biblical passages begins … Continue reading

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