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How Did Jesus’ Original Listeners Remember and Share What Jesus Said and Did?

How did Jesus’ listeners remember what Jesus said and did? They didn’t take notes, and Jesus didn’t leave any writings. There were no current newspaper accounts for them to check to refresh their memories. All they had was what they … Continue reading

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The Bible is not Open to Narcigesis: Thinking the Bible is Written to You

The Bible is a massive collection of writings, and we must investigate and interpret each passage to understand what it says. There are two primary ways of doing this. Exegesis All genuine scholars know that study of biblical passages begins … Continue reading

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A More Realistic Alternative to Inerrancy of the Bible

Millions of believers assume the Bible is inerrant—that everything in the Bible is the absolute word of God. I believed this myself for thirty-five years, but I now think this belief is very mistaken and even harmful. It distorts the … Continue reading

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