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If Most Everyone Will Have Eternal Life with God Anyway, then Why Do We Need to Share the Good News of Jesus?

Recently we discussed whether those who have not heard the good news or who even follow other religions might receive eternal life and live in God’s community after death—even if they never became followers of Jesus during this lifetime. My … Continue reading

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Hell? Conditional Immortality? Something Else? What Happens to Those Who Reject God?

I agree with believers who suggest that God offers eternal life after death to everyone — even those who have never heard, and even those of other religions. Thus it is possible that all who ever lived could be part of … Continue reading

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Will Everyone Live Forever with God After Death? Not Necessarily!

Recently we discussed whether people of other religions, or those who have never heard, participate in the life after death that Jesus offers us or whether this life is available to only the limited number of people who respond to … Continue reading

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‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life’; Is Jesus the Only Way to Life? Yes and No

When we read of the teaching and actions of Jesus, it becomes clear that Jesus is nothing if not inclusive. He is free with forgiveness, healing, and acceptance and is not at all the sort of person who creates barriers. … Continue reading

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Isn’t it Violence for Jesus to Tell Us to Cut off our Hands to Avoid Punishment?–No!

Does Jesus promote violent acts? I don’t think so. Sometimes those who DO think Jesus promotes violence bring up a passage where Jesus tells us to severely injure ourselves. Mark 9 reports this saying of Jesus: If your hand causes … Continue reading

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Why Did Jesus Die on the Cross?

We talked last time about three atonement theories that I believe are woefully misguided and miss the point of Jesus’ death completely: The Ransom Theory, the Satisfaction Theory, and the Substitutionary Atonement Theory (Penal Substitution). All three are inadequate to … Continue reading

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When the Good News of Jesus Doesn’t Sound like Good News At All

Over this series, we explored various aspects of the Good News of Jesus—things that we learn from Jesus’ words and actions in the four Gospels. 1. We learned that God is not angry and harsh with us as many of … Continue reading

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