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Does Paul Tell Us to Bring Our Tithes to Church on Sundays? He Does Not

In the churches I attended for the first 30 years of my life, I was taught that tithing to the church was mandatory—a claim I recently refuted in 5 Reasons Why the Harmful Doctrine of Mandatory Tithing is Wrong. Often … Continue reading

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The Bible is not Magically Inerrant: Exposing Inerrancy Proof-Texts

Inerrancy is perhaps the most obvious example of what the Bible is NOT, and I have written about it many times. But today I approach it from a different angle by examining common inerrancy proof-texts. I begin with the most … Continue reading

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Paul Had Remarkable Insights but He was not Inerrant

Paul looms large in the New Testament, in church history, and in theology. To many, he is the authoritative source of their detailed theologies–a reservoir of revelation from God. I agree that Paul made invaluable contributions to the spread of … Continue reading

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