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We Often Create God in Our Own Image: Angry God Part 2

Last time we talked about how thinking God to be angry, violent, and vindictive, based on Old Testament stories like the flood and the genocide of the Canaanites, can cause us to be angry, violent, and vindictive too in imitation … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Final Act of Anti-Violence—Crucifixion

For the past several posts we examined passages in the gospels to determine whether Jesus is violent (see the links just below this article). The purpose of this survey was to answer both believers and unbelievers who claim that Jesus … Continue reading

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What does it Mean that Jesus Brings, not Peace, but a Sword?

Does Jesus come to bring, not peace, but a sword? According to Matthew 10 this is exactly what he says: Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, … Continue reading

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What is Sin but Pain and Alienation?

[Alert: graphic photo below] We all feel the effects of sin; but the character of sin is not what many believers think it is. People DO sin, but not in the way many believers suppose. Sin has dire consequences, but … Continue reading

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Prayers for Bobby: a Movie Review

Based on a True Story from the Early 1980s Mary Griffith, a very religious, ‘Bible-believing’ mother (played by Sigourney Weaver) discovers that her 16-year-old son, Bobby, thinks he might be gay. Immediately, she begins to do everything she can to … Continue reading

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Is Southern Pride and Identity Consistent with Enlightened Thinking?

Some of my readers who know my dedication to equality and reconciliation, and my opposition to the baggage that characterizes much of southern religion, might be a bit surprised by this post. I have been a strong civil rights advocate … Continue reading

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Does Leviticus Say Gays are Detestable and Must be Killed?

As a child, I knew the Bible said, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” (Exodus chapter 22 – KJV). Yet we knew where some witches lived; it was less than a mile from our house. We were afraid … Continue reading

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