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Outer Darkness, Weeping, and Gnashing of Teeth in Matthew

We addressed the question of whether weeping and gnashing of teeth in Luke describes hell, but I think we can gain even more insight into Luke’s passage, and the question of weeping and gnashing of teeth, by looking at Jesus’ uses … Continue reading

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Jesus, the Buddha, and the Good News

Recently, I received a series of comments and questions from a Buddhist who had been a Catholic previously. After some initial dialog, I responded more comprehensively with this comment; it is edited slightly for a wider audience. Hi GB, You shared … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Principle of Love

When Jesus began teaching, many Jews were very absorbed in keeping religious laws and they discussed them frequently. The idea of serving God by observing laws or rules is called legalism. Jesus was not a legalist. In the next few … Continue reading

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Responding to Believers Who Oppose Us

Jesus was not big on commandments. His opinion about rules and commandments were reduced to two. Matthew chapter 22 reports Jesus as saying: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all … Continue reading

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