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The Saddest Passage in the Bible to Me (John 666)

In this series on the feeding of the 5000, we have discussed the historicity of the event, how it backfired and led to a serious crisis, and how it is connected to the story of Jesus’ temptation by Satan in … Continue reading

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5 Great Fears Believers Should Never Have

We mentioned before that many believers today are driven by fear—especially in very theologically conservative groups. This includes the fear of God, the fear of hell, the fear of making a mistake, the fear of being wrong, and the fear … Continue reading

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Dealing with the Fear of Doubt and of Questioning Religious Beliefs We have been Taught

Growing up a fundamentalist, and then 25 years as an evangelical, I witnessed a lot of fear and experienced significant fear myself. These very conservative environments are filled with fear and, to a large extent, are based on fear—fear of … Continue reading

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Embracing Ambiguity in the Bible and Theology

Beginning as a child, I read the Bible incessantly. I won a Bible in Sunday school for learning more Bible verses than any of the other kids, and I took it with me to school every day; both my fifth … Continue reading

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The False Power of Theological Certainty in Conservatism

When I was 7, I began to follow Jesus as a fundamentalist. More than 50 years later, I am more devoted to Jesus than ever, but it has been a long journey out of fundamentalism, and theological conservatism, to where … Continue reading

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Who Does God Refuse to Forgive?

When I was a child I witnessed a perplexing sight. The pastor had preached his sermon (on sin, no doubt) and gave the altar call. For those who don’t know, an altar call is given at the end of sermons … Continue reading

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What Do We Expect God to Do to Prevent Suffering?

Recently, a reader brought up perhaps the most difficult possible question about God. Multiplied millions of people, over thousands of years, have asked this same, very serious, question. You probably have asked it yourself—or at least thought deeply about it: … Continue reading

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