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Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child?

Michael and Debi Pearl’s parenting book, To Train Up a Child, is very popular among American fundamentalists. Michael has given great thought to his ideas on child-training and expresses them well. He also shares some good insights on child-parent relationships, … Continue reading

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Child Abuse in Fundamentalist Parenting Practices

Last time, we talked about patterns of extreme child abuse in some very isolated families. However, a different level of child abuse exists among typical fundamentalists. Rather than criminal abuse, however, this abuse is centered around parenting practices promoted by several … Continue reading

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Some Use Homeschooling as a Cover for Extreme Child Abuse

There seem to be constant stories in the news of extreme criminal child abuse. It is sickening, and these stories are far too common. These victims are children who do not attend public school and whose parents claim to be … Continue reading

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4 Tremendously Serious Problems within the Fundamentalist Homeschooling Movement

Let me begin by saying that I do not oppose homeschooling. One of my best friends homeschooled his son, and that son was among the most broadly educated children I have ever known. A lot of this had to do … Continue reading

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Dealing with the Confusion, Grief, and Existential Chaos of Leaving Fundamentalism or Conservative Evangelicalism

If you are questioning beliefs you were taught in fundamentalism or evangelicalism, your journey might be going smoothly or it might involve a lot of fear and uncertainty. It is not easy challenging beliefs we once deeply held. Over a … Continue reading

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There are Clearly Two Large Groups of Believers Who Differ on Basic Beliefs; How Do We Best Define Them?

It is no secret that there are two large groups of believers who see the Bible differently and are frequently at odds over what constitutes its essence and how we should respond to it. Discussion between the two groups can … Continue reading

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For My Inerrantist Friends: Why Appeals to Inerrancy are Totally Ineffective in Discussion

Frequently, I receive comments from those who disagree with me—and this is as it should be! I enjoy dialog with those who disagree with me because I never learn anything if I only talk with people who already agree! However, … Continue reading

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