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Blaming Paul for Things He Never Said

When I was a teenager, I listened to some fundamentalist preachers talking among themselves. One asserted that he believed Hebrews was written by Paul! I am sure the other preachers agreed. I was not well-read, but I was aware that … Continue reading

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Examining Passages from Genesis Used to Support Patriarchy in the Church

Last time, we discussed biblical passages from the New Testament epistles used to support Christian patriarchy; today we will look at passages from the first chapters of Genesis. I chose these passages because they are specifically referenced in the 1988 … Continue reading

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How Christian Patriarchy is a Misguided and Harmful Belief that Does Tremendous Damage

I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s when the family on Leave it to Beaver was highly regarded (1957-1963 plus reruns). Ward was in charge and June supported him and kept house. Ward Cleaver was definitely the head of … Continue reading

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The Bible is not a Rule Book: Overcoming Legalism

People believe the Bible is many things that it is not. Last time we discussed that the Bible is not inerrant; by¬†extension of that we will see today that the Bible is not a rule book. The claim that the … Continue reading

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