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Evolution and Original Sin: How Calvin’s TULIP Falls Apart

Genesis 2-3 tells the story of Adam and Eve with a focus on their ‘fall’ from innocence by the disobedience of eating the forbidden fruit. We discussed last time why we should not take this story as an historical narrative; … Continue reading

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Evolution, Eden, and the Flood: Confusing Other Genres with History in Genesis (part 2)

Previously, we discussed the problem of Young Earth Creationists who mistake the creation story of Genesis 1 as historical instead of what it really is. I concluded that Genesis 1 is, in part, an Israelite reflection and modification to the … Continue reading

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Was Satan the Serpent in Eden?

Nowhere does the Old Testament suggest that the serpent in Eden involved Satan or anything other than a serpent. However, some Jewish writings around the time of Jesus suggested it. The Life of Adam and Eve In a late Jewish work … Continue reading

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Original Sin or Something Else?

As we look around us we see a world filled with pain, violence, destruction, and death. Life is never safe for we are ever at the mercy of destructive forces of nature, the onslaught of disease, and victimization by power … Continue reading

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