Resources on Gays and the Church

One of the most divisive issues among believers today is the very important, but emotional, debate on whether gays should be rejected in the church or accepted as equals. Condemnation of gays causes tremendous pain to people both inside and outside the church.

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Books and Film

  • Justin Lee, Torn (click to see the book on Amazon)

Justin Lee was a normal Southern Baptist boy who was very dedicated to Jesus and the church. When his friends began to notice girls, Justin began to notice guys. He had heard there was sometimes a period of sexual confusion during puberty, so he waited for his attraction to guys to pass.

To his alarm, the feelings did not go away even though he dated girls and had a steady girlfriend. (Click here to read the rest of my review).

If you don’t trust ‘progressive Christians’ or ‘liberals’ with the Bible, then let me tell you something about Matthew Vines. He isn’t even close! He makes it clear from the outset that he has a ‘High View’ of scripture, and he demonstrates that throughout his book.

If you are a conservative evangelical or a fundamentalist with a high view of the Bible, and you want to understand better what the Bible says about same-sex attraction, then this is the book for you! (Click here to read the rest of my review).

A True Story.

Mary Griffith, a very religious, ‘Bible-believing’ mother (played by Sigourney Weaver) discovers that her 16-year-old son, Bobby, thinks he might be gay. Immediately, she begins to do everything she can to change him back to his former purity.

Finally, she rejects him and he leaves; and before long he commits suicide. This becomes a turning point for his mother who re-evaluates her understanding of what the Bible says about gays, and she becomes an advocate for gay and lesbian youth. (Click here to read the rest of my review).



Through My Eyes From Gay Christian Network (48 minutes). Very Good and well organized. Gay Christian Youth talk about their struggles, attempts to change, suicidal impulses, rejection by family and church, and alienation between gays and the church.

Why I Changed My Mind On Homosexuality by Danny Cortez (61 minutes). A Southern Baptist Pastor humbly shares his changing views on homosexuality with his congregation knowing that he might be fired. [Update: the church did not fire him, but the Southern Baptist Convention ejected the church from the Association.]

The NALT (Not All Like That) Christian Project. Short individual videos from quite a number of Christians demonstrating that they are not like that–not condemning of LGBTs.


From Jesus without Baggage

From Kimberly Knight

From Susan Cottrell

From Other Writers

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12 Responses to Resources on Gays and the Church

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  2. IntellectualWithHeart says:

    Another resource you may be interested in is a Lifetime movie called “Prayers for Bobby.” I mean it is Lifetime, so make the assumptions as you will, but the movie really changed my view on Christianity and homosexuality and I think you may enjoy it as well.


    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      Thanks, I will look into it.


    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      Hello Heart,

      I looked into the movie and it looks very good, so I ordered it today. After I watch it, if it is good as it looks, I will definitely add it to the list. Thanks!


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  4. mike says:

    YOU LET A LIFETIME MOVIE CHANGE YOUR VIEWS ABOUT CHRISTIANITY. AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT GETS THE CHILLS HEARING THIS?!…..I have always struggled with the “strong delusion” but now I understand. You can give a number of excuses and “reasons” but the bible is all we have to go on. If you cannot trust the bible you are just another speck on earth with an opinion….very scary….please read His word


    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      Mike, you say the Bible is all we have to go on. I think the Bible is very important too, but if we actually understand what it says we discover that the case for it being anti-gay is extremely weak. In the Jesus without Baggage links above, I address every one of the clobber passages people use against gays–and they are misapplied.

      Take a look if you wish.


      • rosie says:

        I wouldn’t say this is extremely weak, i would say the bible is extremely strong stating that homosexuality is a sin.”You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.”

        Liked by 1 person

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