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Was Jesus Omniscient?

Many people seem to think that Jesus had the total mind of God while on earth. But is this true? Should we think that when Jesus was placed in the manger he looked around and thought, ‘Well here I am; … Continue reading

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5 Ways Christian Patriarchy Harms Men

It is easy to understand how Christian patriarchy harms women, but it might not be so clear how patriarchy harms men. Patriarchy is a religious belief in which women must submit to their husbands, who are heads of their homes, … Continue reading

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48 Short, Specific Suggestions on Loving Others as We Love Ourselves

In my previous post, I talked about Loving Others in 2017, which provides the general background for today’s post, and if you have not read it (or wish to reread it) you can click the link above. Today’s post is … Continue reading

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Are Our Sins Gone as though They Never Happened? In One Sense–No

Justified! It is a wonderful truth that we are justified by Jesus: Some believers celebrate it with this homonym: ‘It is just if I’d never sinned!’ It’s cute and it’s catchy. But is it true? Are our sins gone as … Continue reading

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Original Sin or Original Self-Centeredness?

Many Christians believe humanity is so broken, and nature so violent, because of Adam’s disobedience in the garden. They say the world was originally perfect but Adam ruined everything. Furthermore, all Adam’s descendants are born with ‘original sin’ and alienated … Continue reading

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“Should We Give Money to Bums on the Street Who Refuse to Work?”

Of course this is a loaded question. When we meet people on the street asking for money, we can’t know whether they are bums who refuse to work. We don’t know their background, what brought them to this condition, whether … Continue reading

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What Do We Expect God to Do to Prevent Suffering?

Recently, a reader brought up perhaps the most difficult possible question about God. Multiplied millions of people, over thousands of years, have asked this same, very serious, question. You probably have asked it yourself—or at least thought deeply about it: … Continue reading

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