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How Proof-texting is Ineffective and Disrespects the Bible

As a progressive blogger people often disagree with me—sometimes vigorously, and this is as it should be. I believe any statement, conclusion, or opinion I share is open to challenge. Exploring disagreement can be a very valuable experience; often I … Continue reading

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Lean Not On Your Own Understanding: The Fear of Thinking in Fundamentalism

If you have ever questioned what you were taught by conservative churches, I am sure you experienced a certain amount of fear and trepidation in doing so. This fear is built into the conservative Christian culture and is constantly reinforced … Continue reading

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Embracing Ambiguity in the Bible and Theology

Beginning as a child, I read the Bible incessantly. I won a Bible in Sunday school for learning more Bible verses than any of the other kids, and I took it with me to school every day; both my fifth … Continue reading

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