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Did Satan Really Tempt Jesus in the Desert or is There Another Explanation?

We have been reading the feeding of the 5000. While it was a powerful demonstration, in the end it backfired badly. In John 6, the crowd tried to make Jesus king but Jesus explained that he, himself, was the true … Continue reading

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The Best Blog Posts I Read in January-February 2016

Here is a list of some of the best blog posts I read in January-February that pertain to the themes of Jesus without Baggage. I hope you find a few articles here that are interesting and useful to you. Have … Continue reading

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Do Demons Exist?

I have never been afraid of demons—except for that night of the howling cat just after seeing The Exorcist. As a pentecostal in my early twenties I decided my mission was to battle evil at its source. This involved ‘spiritual … Continue reading

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The 10 Most Viewed Posts on Jesus Without Baggage in 2015 (through June)

Here are the ten most popular posts among readers in 2015 through June. Click on the titles to see the posts. I hope you find some you previously missed or that you might enjoy a second time. 1. 4 Huge … Continue reading

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Does Satan Exist?

After examining a number of issues about Satan, we come to the question of whether Satan exists at all. I cannot give an unqualified answer to this question, but I don’t think he does. Brief Review of Previous Posts on … Continue reading

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Was Satan in the Desert with Jesus?

The story of the temptation of Jesus is very dramatic and insightful, but was Satan really in the desert with Jesus trying to lead him astray in his mission? Let’s consider several factors. The Temptation in the Gospel of John … Continue reading

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Was Satan the Serpent in Eden?

Nowhere does the Old Testament suggest that the serpent in Eden involved Satan or anything other than a serpent. However, some Jewish writings around the time of Jesus suggested it. The Life of Adam and Eve In a late Jewish work … Continue reading

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