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4 Negative Consequences of Teaching Kids that Santa Claus is Real

This is probably not going to be my most popular post. But let me say that I am not against celebrating the Christmas season with gifts, and food, and sparkle and lights; with snowmen, and eggnog, and parties and cheer. … Continue reading

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The Bible is not a Magic Talisman: Biblical Power, Incantations, and Bibliomancy

In this series, we have discussed ways the Bible is commonly misused by those who think it has functions it does not. One thing they have in common is the assumption that the Bible is a consistent, uniform document directed … Continue reading

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Do Demons Exist?

I have never been afraid of demons—except for that night of the howling cat just after seeing The Exorcist. As a pentecostal in my early twenties I decided my mission was to battle evil at its source. This involved ‘spiritual … Continue reading

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How is Faith in God Different from Superstition?

In response to my recent post on Fear and Superstition, my friend Jonny Scaramanga at Leaving Fundamentalism challenges me with an important question: What, for you, separates faith in God from superstitions? I realise that your faith in God does … Continue reading

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Christian Fear and Superstition

Do you fear demons or participate in ‘spiritual warfare’? Do you fear God? Do you think you must do something to please him in order to avoid his displeasure? What must you do? What happens if you fail? Ancient Superstition … Continue reading

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Fear and Superstition

Are you ever afraid of unseen forces? Do you feel that something out there is ready to do you harm? Do you ever think you might be able to persuade them to leave you alone—or perhaps even to help you? … Continue reading

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