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Belief in Biblical Inerrancy Must be the Second Most Damaging, Misguided Christian Belief of All

Earlier we discussed that Angry God is a foundational harmful belief because it gives rise to other misguided, harmful beliefs. We can say the same about Inerrancy and for the same reason. In fact, the two are closely connected. Inerrancy leads … Continue reading

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The Origin of Satan and His Demons in the Book of Enoch

As we discussed last time, Zoroastrianism had some surprising influences on Jewish thought in Jesus’ day, including ideas that did not exist before in Judaism: * A personalized adversary to God—Satan * A hierarchy of angels that followed either God … Continue reading

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The Influence of Zoroastrianism on Jewish Thought in Jesus’ Time

In my first semester of college (1969) I wrote a term paper on Zoroastrianism. That paper affected my fundamentalist understanding of Satan and hell, though it did not come to fruition until several years later. It was clear to me … Continue reading

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Did Jesus Send Demons into a Herd of Pigs?

Among other things, Jesus was a great healer. Jesus healed people of all sorts of illnesses and conditions, and he wasn’t stingy about it! But was Jesus an exorcist as well? I don’t think so—simply because I don’t believe demons … Continue reading

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Do Demons Exist?

I have never been afraid of demons—except for that night of the howling cat just after seeing The Exorcist. As a pentecostal in my early twenties I decided my mission was to battle evil at its source. This involved ‘spiritual … Continue reading

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