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The Bible Does not Teach Mandatory Tithing for Believers: Answering False Proof-texts

For decades I attended churches where pastors preached that the Bible requires believers to pay tithes to the church. Not only is mandatory tithing unbiblical—it is a harmful doctrine. In the next post I will share why mandatory tithing is … Continue reading

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Do Demons Exist?

I have never been afraid of demons—except for that night of the howling cat just after seeing The Exorcist. As a pentecostal in my early twenties I decided my mission was to battle evil at its source. This involved ‘spiritual … Continue reading

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Gays and the Inclusiveness of Jesus

When I began to consider whether God accepted gays, I started studying. One advocate stated definitively that Jesus himself accepted gays. This was very encouraging and I listened eagerly for the evidence because I couldn’t think of any scriptures to … Continue reading

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