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If God Doesn’t Speak through the Bible then How Does God Speak?

Recently, I published an article titled The Bible Clearly Says’ is Always a Seriously Misguided Statement in which I contended that the Bible does not speak in one voice (the voice of God) but in the many voices of the … Continue reading

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Did God Pour Out His Wrath on Jesus During His Violent Death on the Cross?: Angry God Part 3

Many believers align with a God whom they think is angry, violent, and vindictive. Perhaps they identify with the angry god of Old Testament stories, or maybe they create God in their own image. I addressed each of these issues … Continue reading

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We Often Create God in Our Own Image: Angry God Part 2

Last time we talked about how thinking God to be angry, violent, and vindictive, based on Old Testament stories like the flood and the genocide of the Canaanites, can cause us to be angry, violent, and vindictive too in imitation … Continue reading

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We Often Become What We THINK God is Like: Angry God Part 1

Many people at some point decide to begin reading the Bible. But the Bible is a very large book; where should they begin? A large percentage begin at the beginning, of course—Genesis! Genesis is an interesting book: there are creation … Continue reading

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5 Potentially Bad Consequences of Insisting to Questioning Kids that Santa Claus is Real

Christmas is an exciting time for children, and Santa is a key part of the magic! Amidst the gift-giving, and food, and sparkle and lights; along with snowmen, and eggnog, and parties and cheer; it is difficult to imagine Christmas … Continue reading

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The Feminine Side of God in the Bible

Most believers think of God as masculine. This is true not only of those who embrace patriarchy but of believers generally. It is easy to see why; both testaments were written by people in patriarchal cultures, so the Old Testament … Continue reading

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Evolution and Inerrancy: Confusing Other Genres with History in Genesis (part 1)

From the time evolution began to be considered by scientists the concept was fascinating. And it made some sense, especially after theories (like Darwin’s) helped explain how evolution might work. In fact, it made so much sense that it now … Continue reading

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