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We Often Become What We THINK God is Like: Angry God Part 1

Many people at some point decide to begin reading the Bible. But the Bible is a very large book; where should they begin? A large percentage begin at the beginning, of course—Genesis! Genesis is an interesting book: there are creation … Continue reading

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Evolution, Eden, and the Flood: Confusing Other Genres with History in Genesis (part 2)

Previously, we discussed the problem of Young Earth Creationists who mistake the creation story of Genesis 1 as historical instead of what it really is. I concluded that Genesis 1 is, in part, an Israelite reflection and modification to the … Continue reading

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Creation Science Does not Predict or Correct Scientific Discoveries

When I was as young Christian, I was told that evolution was an unproven theory promoted by that godless Charles Darwin and taught by secular humanists as an assault against God and the Bible. The argument against this atheistic theory … Continue reading

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Noah: a Movie Review

Last week I went to see Noah. I liked it so much that I will do something I rarely do—watch it again on the big screen. This is not the tired old story you heard in Sunday school. The film … Continue reading

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Angry, Violent Old Testament God

The angry, violent, vindictive God of the Old Testament is one of the most common objections against Christianity. And when I read the works of ex-Christians, those who were once believers and no longer are, this is a major reason … Continue reading

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How Rejecting Creationism Led to Deep Spiritual Crisis

My Spiritual Crisis (Part 1) Sometimes a crisis moment occurs that changes something about us forever. Today, I will share such a moment from my life—how I experienced the loss of God. I was a creationist. Growing up a fundamentalist, … Continue reading

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