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Why ‘Love the Sinner; Hate the Sin’ is Opposite to Jesus’ Teaching

Have you heard believers say they ‘Love the sinner but hate the sin’? At least you likely have heard of them. In fact, they don’t love the ‘sinner’ at all—at least not the way Jesus loves people. As we read … Continue reading

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How Elias Missed the Point about Thanksgiving – Don’t be Like Elias

This is Thanksgiving week in the United States, and I am sure you who are Americans are already prepared for this Thursday. Most of us will gather with friends and loved ones for a Thanksgiving meal. Many will reflect on … Continue reading

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What Does Jesus Say about Sin? Not Much!

As followers of Jesus, it doesn’t matter much what the Old Testament writers thought about sin and forgiveness. We take our cue from Jesus who has the clearest insight into the Father. And it is his words and actions in … Continue reading

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What Do We Learn from ‘Jesus Begins His Work’?

For the past few weeks we looked at the beginnings of Jesus’ work of teaching and healing in Galilee. This period closes just before Jesus chooses twelve apostles to help expand his work even further. While we witnessed many healings, … Continue reading

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Jesus Gets into Trouble for Disrespecting the Law

Our church was Sunday-sabbatarian. We believed Jewish Sabbath laws were transferred to Sunday, so we did no work on Sundays. In our home, we cooked Sunday meals on Saturday and washed the dishes on Monday. As a child I built … Continue reading

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Entering the Kingdom Requires Abandoning Old Ways of Thinking

It might surprise a lot of people that many Hindus accept Jesus. The puga area of a Hindu home contains images of various deities and revered personages, and in many homes you will also find the image of Jesus—perhaps right … Continue reading

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Jesus Refuses to Ask His Disciple to Fast

Fasting was not part of our experience in the church where I grew up. But when I went to Bible College it became an important part of my life. A number of guys in my dorm fasted together occasionally, and … Continue reading

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