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The Great Divorce by CS Lewis: A Book Review

I read this small volume many years ago and it impacted my thinking tremendously. In years since, I have been amazed by the number of other evangelicals who have said the same thing about this book—it transformed their perspective on … Continue reading

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How Reading C. S. Lewis Changed My Mind About Hell

Originally posted on Sketches By Boze:
I’ve been thinking about the dangerous group I was once a part of and trying to understand how so many innocent Christian people could be tricked into following a predator. And the truth is,…

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CS Lewis and Progressive Evangelicalism

Last week was the 50th anniversary of CS Lewis’ death—November 22, 1963. I remember that day very well, but not because of Lewis; it was the day President Kennedy was shot. Though I was not acquainted with Lewis at that … Continue reading

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Who Would Reject the Father and What Becomes of Them?

If there is no eternal, burning hell, does everyone ultimately become part of the Father’s family, whether they wish to or not? I don’t think so. The idea that everyone will become part of the Father’s house, or as some … Continue reading

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