Resources on Legalism, Sin, and Salvation

Legalism is opposite to Jesus’ teaching on behavior. And it is quite a rewarding transition to go from the burden of legalistic rules to Jesus’ principle of loving the Father, ourselves, and others in the proper way. This is the essence of proper ethics for believers.

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As an ECPA reviewer, I received the five books I was to review and was discouraged to find that one of them was about sin. I had read so many books and heard so many sermons against sin and sinners that I did not look forward to reading another one. I thought this negative approach was misguided and counter-productive, though at the time I had not clearly defined my own way to discuss sin.

Then I read the book. It was one of those incredible experiences that catches one completely by surprise; it was refreshing! (Click here to read the rest of my review).


From Jesus without Baggage

Legalism and Behavior



From Other Writers




Jesus without Baggage exists to assist and support those questioning beliefs they have been taught in fundamentalist, traditional evangelical, and other groups. If you know someone who might find Jesus without Baggage helpful, feel free to send them the introductory page: About Jesus without Baggage.


Pages in this series:
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Resources on Legalism, Sin, and Salvation
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Resources on Young Earth Creationism and Evolution


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