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Dealing with the Confusion, Grief, and Existential Chaos of Leaving Fundamentalism or Conservative Evangelicalism

If you are questioning beliefs you were taught in fundamentalism or evangelicalism, your journey might be going smoothly or it might involve a lot of fear and uncertainty. It is not easy challenging beliefs we once deeply held. Over a … Continue reading

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Bishop Spong and the Resurrection that Never Was

Bishop John Shelby Spong has a unique view on the resurrection of Jesus; it was not really a resurrection at all as we understand it. In his book, Resurrection: Myth or Reality (1994), he states repeatedly that he believes in … Continue reading

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The Strangest and Most Wonderful Story of All about Jesus–the Resurrection!

Yesterday was Easter, the day we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from death. Today, let’s take one more look at that event with the question: ‘Did Jesus really appear to his followers after his resurrection?’ I say Yes! The Women Visit the … Continue reading

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How Do We Understand the Resurrection of Many Holy People Associated with Jesus’ Resurrection?

We talked last time about strange stories associated with Jesus’ death. Today we discuss a strange story associated with his resurrection—that being the resurrection of many deceased holy people. We will begin where we left off last time—with Matthew’s unique … Continue reading

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What is the Significance of the Strange Stories Associated with Jesus’ Death?

Gospel accounts of Jesus’ death and resurrection include some very strange stories: darkness, a torn temple curtain, earthquakes, and the resurrection of a number of deceased holy people. What do we make of these stories? Many believers think these stories … Continue reading

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If God Doesn’t Speak through the Bible then How Does God Speak?

Recently, I published an article titled The Bible Clearly Says’ is Always a Seriously Misguided Statement in which I contended that the Bible does not speak in one voice (the voice of God) but in the many voices of the … Continue reading

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Did God Pour Out His Wrath on Jesus During His Violent Death on the Cross?: Angry God Part 3

Many believers align with a God whom they think is angry, violent, and vindictive. Perhaps they identify with the angry god of Old Testament stories, or maybe they create God in their own image. I addressed each of these issues … Continue reading

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