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Did Jesus Confirm the Inerrancy and Historicity of the Old Testament?

While 2 Timothy 3:16-17 is the queen of all ‘proofs’ of biblical inerrancy, I would say that certain words of Jesus come in second. And, since Jesus is central to all believers, how can we ignore his words if they … Continue reading

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How Did Jesus’ Original Listeners Remember and Share What Jesus Said and Did?

How did Jesus’ listeners remember what Jesus said and did? They didn’t take notes, and Jesus didn’t leave any writings. There were no current newspaper accounts for them to check to refresh their memories. All they had was what they … Continue reading

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The Prophets Begin to Talk about Sin in a New Way

The Old Testament presents two major understandings about sin. Sin was primarily thought to be disobedience of the nation of Israel or transgression of God’s many detailed rules (legalism). The solution to taking away sin and guilt was participation in … Continue reading

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Why Didn’t Jesus Recruit Better Help for His Galilean Work?

Here is a question for you. Suppose you started a spiritual ministry; it is beginning to have an impact in the area and you feel you need helpers to assist you in the work. Whom would you choose? There are … Continue reading

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Does Jesus Disagree with John the Baptist’s Message of the Coming Judgment of God?

Have you ever been part of an exciting, dynamic group with wonderful experiences occurring every day, but then the group is disrupted never to be the same again? Jesus had this experience. He had become part of John the Baptist’s … Continue reading

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