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Heaven, the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Kingdom of God

Some seem to think that the kingdom of heaven is the same as heaven, but it isn’t. The kingdom of heaven is actually another term for the kingdom of God. Some years ago, I read an author who said that … Continue reading

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How Dependable are the Books of Matthew and Luke?

Are the four gospels dependable? Or are they simply the result of generations of flawed oral transmission? I discussed this question previously and determined that the gospels are much more dependable than implied by the idea of flawed oral transmission. … Continue reading

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Were the Gospels Written from Generations of Flawed Oral Transmission or Were They Much Closer to Eyewitness than that?

Have you ever played the telephone game? It’s a remarkable experience. A number of people sit in a circle. The first person whispers a story in the second person’s ear. Then the second person whispers the story into the third … Continue reading

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Do Jesus’ Words and Actions Demonstrate Empathy — or Judgment?

A central proposal of this blog is that Jesus’ message and example are geared toward empathy, reconciliation, and acceptance rather than judgment and exclusion. For the past two-and-a-half years I have addressed selected harmful beliefs by comparing them to Jesus’ … Continue reading

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