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Jesus Says, “I Will Give You Rest” not “I Will Give You More Burdens”

Many say the foundational passage of the New Testament is John 3:16. Even young children can quote it: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish … Continue reading

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4 Views on the Significance of the Feeding of the 5000

The feeding of the 5000, aspects of which we have discussed in the past several articles, is a well-known episode in the Gospels. Children learn it early in Sunday school; in fact there was a boy involved so children identify even further … Continue reading

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Do You Know Someone Who Wants to Know How to Begin Following Jesus (without the baggage)?

Early in my blogging history (2013), I developed a page on How to Follow Jesus. Some of you might have read it. I have never been quite satisfied with it, though, and have revised it several times. The main problem … Continue reading

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‘How to Follow Jesus’ is Revised and Improved

One of the features of Jesus without Baggage most dear to me is How to Follow Jesus. Its purpose is to explain how to follow him without the ritual, baggage, and burdens frequently promoted by believers. I have: rewritten the … Continue reading

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Growing as a Follower of Jesus

Throughout my blog I emphasize several important principles: There are essentially no requirements to becoming a follower of Jesus There are no rules a believer must follow The principle of loving others as ourselves guides our behavior The Father does … Continue reading

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