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5 Common False Assumptions Inerrantists Make about Me as a Progressive Believer

Since I often challenge the concept of biblical inerrancy, I receive a lot of feedback from inerrantists. But often that feedback reveals false assumptions inerrantists make about me—assumptions that are sometimes the very opposite of what I believe. Here are … Continue reading

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Evolution is not Incompatible with Creation

Some readers who visit my blog regularly will not be surprised with my statement that evolution is not incompatible with creation, but others might be confused because I consistently maintain that rejecting evolution in favor of the Genesis creation accounts … Continue reading

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Creation Science Does not Predict or Correct Scientific Discoveries

When I was as young Christian, I was told that evolution was an unproven theory promoted by that godless Charles Darwin and taught by secular humanists as an assault against God and the Bible. The argument against this atheistic theory … Continue reading

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Noah: a Movie Review

Last week I went to see Noah. I liked it so much that I will do something I rarely do—watch it again on the big screen. This is not the tired old story you heard in Sunday school. The film … Continue reading

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Original Sin or Something Else?

As we look around us we see a world filled with pain, violence, destruction, and death. Life is never safe for we are ever at the mercy of destructive forces of nature, the onslaught of disease, and victimization by power … Continue reading

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Does an Evolutionary Adam Provide a Compromise between Evolution and Creation?

Ever since evolution became a significant scientific theory, some Christians have embraced it as generally factual or at least possible. However, not all Christian evolutionists view the Genesis creation accounts the same way. Some understand them as unhistorical and others try … Continue reading

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Why is Creation so Important to Creationists?

Why is the battle of creationists against evolutionists so intense? One might think it easy enough to accept that the Genesis creation accounts were written by an ancient, pre-scientific society as a poetical expression or as a reflection on the question: … Continue reading

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