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Examining Passages from Genesis Used to Support Patriarchy in the Church

Last time, we discussed biblical passages from the New Testament epistles used to support Christian patriarchy; today we will look at passages from the first chapters of Genesis. I chose these passages because they are specifically referenced in the 1988 … Continue reading

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Dealing with the Fear of Doubt and of Questioning Religious Beliefs We have been Taught

Growing up a fundamentalist, and then 25 years as an evangelical, I witnessed a lot of fear and experienced significant fear myself. These very conservative environments are filled with fear and, to a large extent, are based on fear—fear of … Continue reading

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Why I am Progressive but Still Evangelical at Heart

I was raised fundamentalist. I was nurtured on the writings of John R. Rice and was significantly influenced by Jack Hyles, Carl McIntire, Lester Roloff, and Oliver Greene. Other than the Bible, The Sword of the Lord was my primary … Continue reading

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The False Power of Theological Certainty in Conservatism

When I was 7, I began to follow Jesus as a fundamentalist. More than 50 years later, I am more devoted to Jesus than ever, but it has been a long journey out of fundamentalism, and theological conservatism, to where … Continue reading

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This is the Transition in the Blog I Have Been Waiting For!

My father was a fundamentalist preacher who, during his ministry, pastored three different churches. As I was beginning my journey away from fundamentalism, I shared my discoveries with him and explained why I was changing some of my fundamentalist beliefs. … Continue reading

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How Should We Respond to Those who Teach Harmful Beliefs?

This is the last post in the series on 6 Religious Beliefs that Cause Tremendous Harm. These are misguided beliefs that take us away from the Good News of Jesus to a life burdened with fear, condemnation, and religious baggage … Continue reading

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How Reading C. S. Lewis Changed My Mind About Hell

Originally posted on Sketches By Boze:
I’ve been thinking about the dangerous group I was once a part of and trying to understand how so many innocent Christian people could be tricked into following a predator. And the truth is,…

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