What Kind of ‘Sinners’ Feel Welcomed by Your Church?

REKNEW asks. ‘What kind of sinners feel welcomed by your church?’

“Perhaps the greatest indictment on evangelical churches today is that they are not generally known as refuge houses for sinners—places where hurting, wounded, sinful people can run and find love that does not question, an understanding that does not judge, and an acceptance that knows no conditions.

“To be sure, evangelical churches are usually refuge houses for certain kinds of sinners—the loveless, the self-righteous, those apathetic toward the poor and unconcerned with issues of justice and race, the greedy, the gluttonous, and so on. People guilty of these sins usually feel little discomfort among us. But evangelical churches are not usually safe places for other kinds of sinners—those whose sins, ironically, tend to be much less frequently mentioned in the Bible than the religiously sanctioned sins.

“It is rare indeed that a drunkard, drug addict, or prostitute would think of going to church because he or she just needed to feel loved and accepted.”

See more at: http://reknew.org/2014/09/what-kind-of-sinners-feel-welcomed-by-your-church/

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6 Responses to What Kind of ‘Sinners’ Feel Welcomed by Your Church?

    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      Hi EXIFB! I was a fundamentalist Baptist, too. Although I wasn’t IFB, I was certainly heavily influenced by them–particularly John R. Rice and Jack Hyles (probably before your time).

      I checked your gravitar, and I found your comments on Godless in Dixie, but I didn’t find a blog. Do you have a blog? I would love to visit. Or a Twitter account? In any case, I am glad you visited, and I hope you continue find helpful content here.

      Have a great day! ~Tim


  1. michaeleeast says:

    I think that Reknew is talking about the difference between righteousness and goodness. The righteous often display the sins he describes but those who are truly good display Love.


    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      This is a good observation, Michael. I might use the term ‘self-righteous’, as they are righteous only in their own eyes.


  2. Happy Passer By says:

    Question: What is God’s will for our lives ? Should we have strong will and determination to follow our dreams (eg. JK Rowling, Diana Nyad, Abraham Lincoln) despite failure…or should we accept that God has another plan for us ? or that it is not his WILL. Does he control things exactly or know what is going to happen ? Or is it all a random mess ? Have you achieved your dream ? Any regrets ?


    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      Hello Happy!

      I can’t tell anyone what God’s will is for their lives–except that they love him, themselves, and other people. As to the specific will of God for an individual’s life, I think it is to follow their dreams if they are not self-destructive or hurt other people. I don’t think the Father controls the details of our lives but lets us live them ourselves.

      Personally, I have achieved some of my goals beyond my expectation, but I have not accomplished all that I hoped. Yet, I am grateful for the things that go well without being eaten up with discouragement and regret for those things that do not.


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