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John Piper Tells an Unconvincing Story to Illustrate Gender Differences between Men and Women

In Piper’s article we discussed last time, he also includes a  story meant to illustrate specific gender differences between men and women. It is not convincing. Piper’s Story Piper begins: Suppose…a young man and woman…find themselves chatting before the worship service. … Continue reading

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John Piper and Christian Patriarchy

John Piper is a leading voice for complementarian patriarchy. Piper is chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, a mentor to younger men of the New Calvinist movement, and was Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis for 33 years. Today, … Continue reading

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The Alleged Biblical Basis for Christian Patriarchy

Untold numbers of Christians believe women are not equal to men and are subject to male leadership. This very harmful belief leads to terrible consequences such as the oppression and denigration of women and to an environment of physical, emotional, … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Reading the Bible Through Each Year Might not be a Good Idea

There is a tradition among many believers of reading the entire Bible through each year. Check-off sheets are available from many places to indicate which chapters should be read on each day of the year in order to achieve the … Continue reading

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Doubting Thomas Could be My Patron Saint!

Do you have difficulty accepting some things believers claim with certainty as God’s very truth? Do you sometimes question things you were taught in church and Sunday school? Then you might be a doubter. Well I am a doubter too—and … Continue reading

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An Overview of Bill Gothard’s Role in Today’s Cultish Fundamentalism

Bill Gothard is one of the primary leaders who has taken Christian fundamentalism to the extreme in the past fifty years. Last time, we discussed Gothard’s teaching on authority and patriarchy. Since then, I encountered a newly-released 31-minute video that … Continue reading

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5 Great Fears Believers Should Never Have

We mentioned before that many believers today are driven by fear—especially in very theologically conservative groups. This includes the fear of God, the fear of hell, the fear of making a mistake, the fear of being wrong, and the fear … Continue reading

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