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Some Use Homeschooling as a Cover for Extreme Child Abuse

There seem to be constant stories in the news of extreme criminal child abuse. It is sickening, and these stories are far too common. These victims are children who do not attend public school and whose parents claim to be … Continue reading

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4 Tremendously Serious Problems within the Fundamentalist Homeschooling Movement

Let me begin by saying that I do not oppose homeschooling. One of my best friends homeschooled his son, and that son was among the most broadly educated children I have ever known. A lot of this had to do … Continue reading

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My Fundamentalism of the 1960s Has Changed for the Worse—Considerably Worse

We became fundamentalists in 1958 when I was 7, and I ate it up! We joined a Freewill Baptist Church and I was with those churches until 1970. However, I did not absorb fundamentalism only from FWB churches; my strongest … Continue reading

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The Bible is not a Rule Book: Overcoming Legalism

People believe the Bible is many things that it is not. Last time we discussed that the Bible is not inerrant; by extension of that we will see today that the Bible is not a rule book. The claim that the … Continue reading

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