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What is the Significance of the Strange Stories Associated with Jesus’ Death?

Gospel accounts of Jesus’ death and resurrection include some very strange stories: darkness, a torn temple curtain, earthquakes, and the resurrection of a number of deceased holy people. What do we make of these stories? Many believers think these stories … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Final Act of Anti-Violence—Crucifixion

For the past several posts we examined passages in the gospels to determine whether Jesus is violent (see the links just below this article). The purpose of this survey was to answer both believers and unbelievers who claim that Jesus … Continue reading

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What Does Jesus Say about Sin? Not Much!

As followers of Jesus, it doesn’t matter much what the Old Testament writers thought about sin and forgiveness. We take our cue from Jesus who has the clearest insight into the Father. And it is his words and actions in … Continue reading

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