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Why ‘Love the Sinner; Hate the Sin’ is Opposite to Jesus’ Teaching

Have you heard believers say they ‘Love the sinner but hate the sin’? At least you likely have heard of them. In fact, they don’t love the ‘sinner’ at all—at least not the way Jesus loves people. As we read … Continue reading

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The Misguided Concept of ‘Loving the Sinner and Hating the Sin’

Legalistic believers often feel it is their duty to confront sinners with their ‘sins’. This sometimes includes telling sinners how bad they are and urging them to accept Jesus. And they don’t stop there; they also confront fellow believers with … Continue reading

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What Does it Mean to Love Others as Ourselves?

When we decide to love others as ourselves, we must first consider carefully what ‘loving others’ means and determine how we can best develop a lifestyle on this basis. For many of us religious rules are the only guidelines we … Continue reading

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