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The Bible is not a Rule Book: Overcoming Legalism

People believe the Bible is many things that it is not. Last time we discussed that the Bible is not inerrant; by extension of that we will see today that the Bible is not a rule book. The claim that the … Continue reading

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When the Good News of Jesus Doesn’t Sound like Good News At All

Over this series, we explored various aspects of the Good News of Jesus—things that we learn from Jesus’ words and actions in the four Gospels. 1. We learned that God is not angry and harsh with us as many of … Continue reading

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How Legalism Stunts Our Spiritual Growth

When I was young I read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. It took place during the Jewish holocaust in Europe, and the Ten Boom family (who were Christians) protected Jews from the Germans by building a secret compartment … Continue reading

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What are the Practical Implications of Loving Others as Ourselves?

In my last post I shared that believers are not required to live by any list of religious laws or rules. Instead we should make moral decisions based on Jesus’ teaching, supported by his actions, that we should live by … Continue reading

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