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Bishop Spong and the Resurrection that Never Was

Bishop John Shelby Spong has a unique view on the resurrection of Jesus; it was not really a resurrection at all as we understand it. In his book, Resurrection: Myth or Reality (1994), he states repeatedly that he believes in … Continue reading

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Did Satan Really Tempt Jesus in the Desert or is There Another Explanation?

We have been reading the feeding of the 5000. While it was a powerful demonstration, in the end it backfired badly. In John 6, the crowd tried to make Jesus king but Jesus explained that he, himself, was the true … Continue reading

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Midrash in the New Testament

Readers might say, ‘I know parables and inspirational fiction, proverbs I understand, but what is midrash? Midrash is a method of interpreting the Old Testament used by various Jewish groups, before and after the time of Jesus, to analyze Old … Continue reading

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