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Did Satan Really Tempt Jesus in the Desert or is There Another Explanation?

We have been reading the feeding of the 5000. While it was a powerful demonstration, in the end it backfired badly. In John 6, the crowd tried to make Jesus king but Jesus explained that he, himself, was the true … Continue reading

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Did Jesus Really Heal People?

When I was a child I attended a small, rural Freewill Baptist church. It was KJV fundamentalist to the core and the preachers primarily preached against sin. We were against the pentecostal three-works-of-grace doctrine; but though the church had nothing … Continue reading

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Does Jesus Disagree with John the Baptist’s Message of the Coming Judgment of God?

Have you ever been part of an exciting, dynamic group with wonderful experiences occurring every day, but then the group is disrupted never to be the same again? Jesus had this experience. He had become part of John the Baptist’s … Continue reading

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Was Satan in the Desert with Jesus?

The story of the temptation of Jesus is very dramatic and insightful, but was Satan really in the desert with Jesus trying to lead him astray in his mission? Let’s consider several factors. The Temptation in the Gospel of John … Continue reading

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