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Did Jesus Send Demons into a Herd of Pigs?

Among other things, Jesus was a great healer. Jesus healed people of all sorts of illnesses and conditions, and he wasn’t stingy about it! But was Jesus an exorcist as well? I don’t think so—simply because I don’t believe demons … Continue reading

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Isn’t it Violence for Jesus to Tell Us to Cut off our Hands to Avoid Punishment?–No!

Does Jesus promote violent acts? I don’t think so. Sometimes those who DO think Jesus promotes violence bring up a passage where Jesus tells us to severely injure ourselves. Mark 9 reports this saying of Jesus: If your hand causes … Continue reading

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The #1 Most Harmful Belief Among Christians—Angry God

When I was younger, I knew a lot about God. From the time I was a child I knew God all too well! God was that all-seeing eye that watched my every move and slapped me into shape when I … Continue reading

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