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Final Thoughts on the Book of Revelation as Apocalyptic Literature

As a child I accepted the detailed dispensational scenarios of what was to happen in the near future. As I neared adulthood I began to question some of what I was taught but avoided end-time prophecy because it was too … Continue reading

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CS Lewis and Progressive Evangelicalism

Last week was the 50th anniversary of CS Lewis’ death—November 22, 1963. I remember that day very well, but not because of Lewis; it was the day President Kennedy was shot. Though I was not acquainted with Lewis at that … Continue reading

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Announcing the new Key Baggage Issues page

Jesus without Baggage has added a new page featuring its series articles on major baggage issues that detract from the good news of Jesus. Current issues listed are: Angry, Violent God Hell Inerrancy Creationism Legalism Other issues will be added later. … Continue reading

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What Does the New Testament Mean by ‘Lost’?

Among many fundamentalists and evangelicals, the word ‘lost‘ has acquired a very specific technical meaning. Used as a noun, ‘the lost’ are those on their way to hell. The state of being lost is sometimes expanded to illustrate the seriousness … Continue reading

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