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Do You Still Feel Guilt and Fear because You Fall Short of what God Demands?

Recently I published a post titled God’s Love for Us Takes Away Our Fear, Guilt, and Self-Condemnation. Two responses represented what I am sure many people felt after reading the article—they still felt guilty and fearful. The post was not … Continue reading

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How Does Loving Others as Yourself Apply to Divorce?

Living by religious rules is a poor substitute for living the principle of loving others as ourselves. Let’s consider the example of divorce. Divorce is looked upon as a despised condition among some Christians. The pastor I grew up under … Continue reading

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When I was a fundamentalist, we took a hard line against adultery and divorce. My father, a fundamentalist pastor, refused to perform weddings for people who were divorced. We took this hard line by understanding Jesus’ words in a legalistic … Continue reading

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