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Recognizing Literary Genres in the Bible

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone defend the reality of a burning hell with the parable of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke chapter 16. Some consider it one of their most powerful arguments. The rich … Continue reading

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Conditional Immortality and Natural Death

The New Testament has vivid warnings of potential calamity and destruction. Two Old Testament images used to illustrate these warnings are the story of Gehenna in Jeremiah chapter 19 and the destruction of the rebels in Isaiah chapter 66. In both … Continue reading

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Who Would Reject the Father and What Becomes of Them?

If there is no eternal, burning hell, does everyone ultimately become part of the Father’s family, whether they wish to or not? I don’t think so. The idea that everyone will live forever with God, or as some would put … Continue reading

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Revelation and the Lake of Fire

Finally, we come to the book of Revelation, which mentions hell in three places. Revelation has a special, but well-recognized, character; it is an example of the apocalyptic literature that became popular in some Jewish circles from about two hundred … Continue reading

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Hell and Enoch in the New Testament Writers

We discovered that the Old Testament contributes nothing to the idea of eternal punishment in a burning hell and neither does Jesus. Today, we turn to the idea of hell in other New Testament writers. Hades The King James Version … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Fires of Hell

Gehenna, in Jesus’ sayings, is translated as ‘hell’ in most English translations. Both Matthew (chapters 5 and 18) and Mark chapter 9 relate that Jesus said it was better to lose body parts than to be cast into hell. The fullest … Continue reading

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Jesus and Old Testament Imagery

Many Christians believe in hell because Jesus talks about hell. But what does Jesus actually say? Do Jesus’ words support our understanding of a place of eternal torture and punishment? In Jesus’ sayings, hell is the English translation of two … Continue reading

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Jesus and Hades

In the Old Testament, there is a vague notion of a shadowy existence in the land of death, but no fire or punishment is involved. The Hebrew word for this state is Sheol, and it simply means ‘death’ or ‘the … Continue reading

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What about Hell?

Many Christians believe God will punish those who don’t measure up, and their punishment will be torment in a burning hell–forever. I strongly disagree; the Bible doesn’t teach such a thing and it is contrary to the character of the … Continue reading

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