Metaphor of The Father’s House

This post is from my first month as a blogger, but I have always liked it. I suggest that we click the link to the original (now updated) article and make our comments there.

Jesus Without Baggage

updated 2-18-19

A central point of the message about Jesus is that the Father sent him to bring about a change in our situation whereby we are rescued from a life of alienation and fear, both in this life and the next.  The story of the work and message of Jesus is found in the New Testament, which is written by his early followers.

This message is often called the ‘good news’, and it IS good news. We discover that we no longer need to be alienated from the Father, from ourselves, or from each other.  This good news gives us joy, meaningfulness, and anticipation of its full implementation. It affects us now but will ultimately result in a complete absence of what we call suffering.

This is good news indeed!

house1The Kingdom of God and the Father’s House

In the New Testament, Jesus talks a lot about this state…

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