An Overview of Bill Gothard’s Role in Today’s Cultish Fundamentalism

Bill Gothard is one of the primary leaders who has taken Christian fundamentalism to the extreme in the past fifty years. Last time, we discussed Gothard’s teaching on authority and patriarchy. Since then, I encountered a newly-released 31-minute video that does an excellent job over-viewing Gothard’s role in the development of fundamentalism’s movement toward today’s extremes; it features a number of survivors from his movement.

I recommend it highly.

bill gothard

Bill Gothard

This excellent video uses its 31 minutes very well, so I will limit this introduction so that those who are interested can go right to it. I look forward to all your comments—especially if you were involved in Gothard’s movement.

View the Video

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An Overview of Bill Gothard’s Role in Today’s Cultish Fundamentalism
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21 Responses to An Overview of Bill Gothard’s Role in Today’s Cultish Fundamentalism

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  2. Thanks for sharing the video link. I watched it. I had never heard of this guy before, but am glad to have watched this so I’m aware of it going forward.

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  3. tonycutty says:

    This is a great little documentary; I’ve seen it before (i’m kinda online friends with one of the interviewees) and it’s well scary to think what people get away with. Thanks for sharing this; the more that know about this sort of thing, the better.

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  5. cborgstadt says:

    I attended an Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts seminar in the 1970s and remember how it influenced my view of God and inflated my responsibility in my own salvation. Over the years I began to understand God’s grace from a more God-centered view and found trust was born of God’s love for me and all other sinners. Your series brought to mind what a parishioner said to me as I started a new pastoral call– that he was my umbrella of protection in the congregation. Looking back, the relationship was never mutual, but one in which he tried to exert control over my service to the congregation. The current blog series is bringing about insight and healing. Thanks.

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    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      Cborg, it is good to hear from those who actually experienced Gothard’s teachings. Isn’t it interesting how the umbrella of protection so easily becomes an instrument of authoritative control? And if you needed such a person to ‘administer your authority’ to the congregation, should you not be the one to determine who that ‘umbrella of protection’ to the congregation should be?


  6. luckyotter says:

    That video was frightening but everyone should watch it. Thanks for posting! Bill Gothard and his ilk are the real wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

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