Here are My 5 Christmas Wishes for You

It is less than two weeks until Christmas, and I am sure you are already deep into the Christmas spirit—doing all those busy things we do during this season leading up to the big day. Decorations are up and excitement is in the air. Perhaps you have already attended some parties for the season and met friends you haven’t seen in a while.

Joy and celebration are all around us: in the lights and decorations of our communities, towns, and cities; in the special shows on TV; in plays, musical presentations, and new movie releases; and in the background music that surrounds us everywhere we go.

We are all very busy during this important time. And as we come close to Christmas day, I want to share my five Christmas wishes for you.

Christmas Season

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My Five Wishes for You

1. I wish for you to enjoy the rest of the holiday season. In the rush and pressure of your overload during these last days before Christmas, I hope you enjoy it all. Nothing goes perfectly for anyone, so if things go badly here and there I hope you can let it go and enjoy the magic and excitement of the rest.

2. I wish for you quality time with friends and family. With all the shopping, and events, and work, I hope you are able to find quality time. You might see people you have not seen for a long time—even a year or longer, and you might have difficult relationships with some of them. I hope you are able to enjoy time with these precious people, and if tensions arise to stay above them. Treasure your time with friends and family.

3. I wish for you to draw closer to Jesus and lose more religious baggage. This season is about Jesus. I hope you are able to draw a little closer to Jesus, the good news, and the love he demonstrates. But I also hope you don’t give in to pressure to take on more legalistic burdens. Escaping legalistic baggage and accepting a life of love and freedom is far better.

4. I wish for you to find occasion to help others—even a little bit. We can give to local shelters and other charities to provide a better Christmas for the needy. Perhaps we can give directly to the homeless and other poor among us. Or maybe we can check on people we know who might be lonely and even invite them to our events.

5. I wish for you to remember and meditate on the good things of this past year and be encouraged. Each of us has experienced sadness, disappointment, pain, and perhaps grief this year. But we have all experienced good things as well—in big ways and small ways. Remembering some of these good things centers us, settles us, and helps us to grow. I can only imagine some of the good things you might have experienced.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday! ~Tim


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9 Responses to Here are My 5 Christmas Wishes for You

  1. tonycutty says:

    Lovely post, Tim. And all the best to you and yours as well 🙂

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  2. Charlotte Robertson says:

    Thank you very much. I also wish you a lovely Christmas and a blessed 2017.

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  3. TimP says:

    Yet again you know just HOW to say it all so well. Wishing you a well earned rest from your blog Tim, I have avidly followed it in 2016 and look forward to more in 2017. Thank you for how you so freely and generously share of your own time to encourage us to think differently and your splendid non-confrontational nature in dealing with all of our doubts, fears, questions etc. Every Blessing for Christmas and New Year.

    Tim P.

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    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      TimP, thanks for the kind words and I am glad you like the blog. The specifics you mention about my approach and style are very gratifying; my entire objective is to assist and support those questioning the religious baggage they have been taught.

      Thank you so much for your comment.


  4. Found you on Lucky Otter’s Haven, thanks for the great reminders for the season! This reminded me about the food drive at my son’s school, so I gave him some canned foods to take to school tomorrow.
    Peace, HG

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    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      Thanks, Goose. Lucky and I have been interacting for some time. Thanks for getting in touch, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season.

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