New Testament Writers were Inspired by Jesus–But were they Inerrant? rb

This is a presentation of one of my better earlier posts for new readers who did not see it when it was originally posted. It is completely rewritten and updated.


Last time, we discussed the nature of the Bible by focusing on the Old Testament. I concluded that the books of the Old Testament were written by people who felt a special relationship with God and that these people developed increasingly insightful ideas about God. Their writings are very useful, and God may have inspired some writers to an extent, but their writings are not the authoritative, inerrant word of God.

Is the New Testament Inerrant?

If the Old Testament writings are not the inerrant word of God, then what about the New Testament? Is the New Testament authoritative in a way that the Old Testament is not? What is the nature of the New Testament?


Sermon on the Mount, Carl Heinrich Bloch 1876

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