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I believe the love of the Father extends to everyone, and I like to think of all of us being in the Father’s House, which is a metaphor for those living in the Father’s love. If this is so, then do the doors of that house function to allow people in–or to allow them to leave?

Many believers attempt to invite others into the Father’s House, when in fact we are all already inside. Using an example of a missionary bringing Jesus’ good news to a group that has never heard of him, the discussion might go like this.

I see that you worship a rock and obey what you think it demands. It is a false god and worshipping it is evil! Furthermore, you sacrifice your children to the rock. This is also evil and God is angry with you for doing it.

I bring you the good news…

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  2. Hi Sir. I’m just curious and I don’t want to misinterpret your post. Do you mean to say that all of us regardless of religion are in the Father’s house?

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    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      Hi NB, that is pretty close to what I mean. God’s good news of eternal life includes all of us unless we finally reject it with a clear mind (probably after death). The message of Jesus, and the message we should share, is not so much that people get ‘saved’ to avoid ‘hell’, but that the kingdom of God is here now and they can participate in it during this lifetime.

      If you have a different view, can you share it?


  3. Chas says:

    Tim, ought that not to be God’s Good News of eternal life (potentially) includes all of us unless we (hear it and) finally reject it with a clear mind. I acknowledge that we have a situation where many die without having heard the Good News, and I can understand that someone with mental illness could not have a clear mind in this life, so I can appreciate your argument in favor of hearing the Good News after death, on the grounds of a requirement for fairness. Is life fair?

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